Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Perhaps the hardest part is getting on to the trail." Bill Bryson

Last weekend Malory arrived on friday night for a visit to NH/VT. We had two days to gear up for the great hiking adventure we planned out (we bought matching zip-off pants!) and then on Monday we hit the trail. sort of. I got the official AT trailguide and we had Laura drop us off, and we thought we were just where we needed to be, but apparently we were not, because we walked about 6 miles with those huge 40 lb. packs on our backs trying to find it and we never did. It was pretty horrible. After we had a chance to not be so angry about not finding the trail, we figured it was probably for the best though, because we may have been over-estimating our skills. So we called Laura and had her rescue us.

So then we had to come up with a new plan. So we decided to camp on the island on tuesday night and then go to the Trapper John shelter on Wednesday night. When we went to rent a canoe the sign said it was open, but there wasn't a desk worker there. I had to renew my membership from last year, so we waited around awhile. Then some people came in, and then had just taken a canoe since no one was there. They thought we were the workers and kind of apologized to us. Then we decided to do the same, so we left an IOU with my info on it, and took a canoe. It rained that night, but we were prepared for rain so we stayed dry. And it stopped raining in the morning, so we could pack up our stuff without being too wet. Then we decided to do some extra hiking and go to the next shelter at Moose Mountain.

Since we were having such a great time, and also since we had an abundance of food we decided to stay one extra night. Unfortunately, it rained our last night and our tent got wet, so that kind of sucked. But we had only a mile to hike back to my car, so it was fine.

I'll be sure to add photos once I get them off my camera. Do check back for that update!