Sunday, May 29, 2011


Can you see that welt on my hand?!
Let me just go ahead and trace it out for you.

Today I was outside gardening when I saw this little black bug on my hand. I was about to swish him away from me when I noticed a droplet of blood forming next to him. This was no innocent little black bug I tell you. This was a black fly (sometimes called a buffalo gnat, turkey gnat, or white socks), and he got me good!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A lesson in thrift store clothing

I love buying clothing from thrift stores. I have found many amazing things at thrift stores, generally for an amazingly low cost. My mother taught me to always wash my thrift store purchases, and I used to be revolted at the thought of Not doing so. Then one time I made a plan to wear a piece of clothing before I washed it. And that wasn't so bad at all, so now I basically do it all the time. If something is so in need of washing right out of the store, I am probably not likely to buy it.

One thing that slightly freaks me out about thrift store clothing is putting my hands in the pockets. And I may have realized that my hesitancy to just jump right in, with my hands in the pockets, is Not unfounded. I may have discovered that this very weekend, in fact.

Several weeks ago I bought some amazing pants. These pants are purple and comfortable and beautiful. One important lesson in thrift store clothing would be: if you see purple pants, buy them. That is not the one I am referring to in the title of this blog post.

Back to the purple pants though. They were a little too short for me (as are most pants in this world) but luckily they had a cuff, which could be undone and would make them long enough. They also had very wide legs, but I figured sewing them to make them skinny/boot cut width wouldn't be too hard. So I did just that this weekend.

I simply pinned the purple pants to make them approximately the same width as these red pants. And then I sewed the straight line. And now they are even more spectacular because they fit just how I would like them to.

But I still hadn't broken the ice as far as use-of-pockets goes. So I decided I better just put my hands in there because I didn't want to have pants that I could never use the pockets on. So I did it. Hands went in the pockets (knuckles first of course, because it is way less bad to touch a foreign object with your knuckle than your fingertip). Unfortunately I felt something in the right pocket, but it seemed to be just a tissue, so I pulled it out, and as I was grabbing I realized it was a bit more squishy than a tissue ought to be, and before I can even pull it into view my heart rate had increased to an abnormal level, and as I flung it to the ground I realized that it was not, in fact, a real worm, but just one of those fake worms they make for fishing.

Because the first activity I had planned for myself while wearing my new (used), purple banana republic pants, was, hands down, fishing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

kernel panic

I have been having computer issues.

Right now I am using an ancient PowerBook G4, that once had coffee spilled on it, and was taken out of commission (not by me, don't worry).

My dear computer's kernel panicked last week. I have been getting help from many people. It turns out that the video controller was the cause, and my computer qualified for the recall on those. So it is being fixed for free. Phew. I did not plan for buying a new computer at this point in time, so all is well. Hopefully my computer will be back tomorrow.

I have a smattering of pictures and blogging ideas based on those pictures. Hopefully I can make that happen soon!