Sunday, August 7, 2016


And now we live in Georgia!

I wish I could say everything is just peachy. Plenty of positive things are happening, but they are riddled with negatives that cloud them out a bit. Maybe one day I'll be the kind of person who can focus on the positive and let the negative slide.

If you were a company, and you decided to cancel someone's order or appointment, would you inform them of that cancellation? I highly recommend that you would. We've now had three instances of Not being informed, and it is highly disappointing to figure it out yourself after the fact. 

Also, crickets keep coming in our apartment. Like, we killed ten in one day alone. 

But Chester is a charmer, and he makes friends everywhere we go. I like watching him in mayor mode. It is fun to see who he is quick to give smiles to, and who he is slow to give smiles to, and who he won't smile at at all. He also met a dog for the first time and didn't really seem interested or bothered.

He did so great on our long day of travel. The first flight, which was 9 hours, was kind of a beautiful breeze. When we arrived in Newark it was bedtime, and he was eating/sleeping in the Ergo the whole way through security and on a trolly ride that we were so generously offered. 

That was an ultimate positive, actually. I don't know how we got so lucky, but we managed to avoid a Very long walk. 

Another positive -- you don't need to take out computers or liquids or anything to go through security at Newark. Finally, we are getting a bit sensible about airport security. 

So perhaps the peachiness is coming, but it is just taking off slowly.