Monday, February 14, 2011

first gimp project

So, this weekend I downloaded Gimp, which is a free program that is basically the same as photoshop. only free. It is a little more tricky to use than I was hoping, but I am at the early stages of catching on. I think it will be one of those things where once I know how to use it, it will be very powerful.

Last week at the bar after one of Greg's games, one of his teammates mentioned (in my general direction) how cool it would be if someone was taking photos at the games and making cards out of them. I can take a hint people. Plus it sounded like a super fun project. This is my first attempt:

I modeled it after Patrick Roy's rookie card. I think Greg approved.

The only problem is that my proportions are slightly off. I think my version is a little wider than a standard hockey card.