Friday, April 7, 2017

Language misunderstandings

Sometimes I get a little peek into the mind of my small language learner and I just have to laugh/admire the process.

First there was that time I said the word kitchen and Chester started making a chicken sound.

Then there was that time I fed Chester beef and he started buzzing like a bee.

Another day he was looking through one of his books and when he got to the picture of the ox he started doing the sign for fox.

He also pointed to his leg where he had just gotten a shot when we told him we were going to go shop.

And just yesterday I told him I had cleaned his cup and he knelt down and started brushing the cup on the floor, as if to clean.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Here is an exchange I witnessed in February (C age 13 months).

Greg: Chester, can you bring me the shoe horn?

Chester looks around. Grabs shoe horn. Brings it to Greg.

Greg: Oh good, thank you!