Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona cathedral is amazing. I took a small trip to see it while Greg was conferencing and was very glad I did. I will definitely have to take him back before we leave. And once again, until I get a wider angle lens, you get my makeshift panorama version of the exterior.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite Photo of the Day

A view of Barcelona

Yesterday I did some wandering around while Greg was at his conference. It was not aimless wandering though. Sunday we did aimless wandering and managed to not find two of the things we wanted to see. Monday was very planned wandering. I started out by going back to the magic fountain, which is not at all crowded during the day, because it is just a pool of water, and not doing its fountainy thing.

There were easily 600 stairs to get to the palace behind the fountain, which provided amazing views of Barcelona. In the center of the above photo, there is a bit of a dark structure, which is actually La Sagrada Familia. So if yesterday's photo didn't impress upon you the magnificence of this church, perhaps today's will?

Interesting and confusing fact about Barcelona: most maps do not align North with 'up', so for example, on the metro map, North is rotated from 'up' by maybe 25 degrees? And yesterday I saw a map with North pointing down. And none of the maps have a proper legend to indicated which direction they are choosing as North.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Barcelona is treating us well! We arrived on Saturday to the sound of banging in the street, which turned out to be fireworks for the Feast of Sant Joan (St. John). Apparently this is an incredibly big celebration, and there were fireworks throughout the entire night, throughout the entire city.

On Sunday we went to Mass at Sagrada Familia. Wikipedia can give you all sorts of interesting information on this church.

I stuck these photos together to give the full extent of this structure. Hugely magnificent.