Monday, February 15, 2010


This year the physics department gathered up enough interest to get our very own intramural hockey team! In previous years I have played with the debate team, because they would sign up in the co-ed league, which required at least two girls to be on the ice at all times, and for some reason they just didn't always have enough girls show up to their games.
This is a video from two years ago. I am on the yellow team, wearing green pants, and I'm pretty sure I got an assist, which is about the only good thing I ever did while playing with that team. Luckily Tim, who was filming, took note of this amazing feat by yelling MY name and not the name of the one who got the goal:)

This year our team is much less shaky, as there seems to be quite a bit of hockey talent in the physics/astronomy department.
Below is a picture of six of our guys and just one opponent. I swear it was during actual gametime... not my fault if the other teams gave up on playing offense. My favorite is how we have one player in figure skates. It just makes everything so much more like Mighty Ducks.

This kid is about to get clobbered by the astro professor who plays with us. He is not a small man to start with, but wearing full hockey gear makes him look downright intimidating. Also, please note that we have one fan in the audience!! woohoo!!

Aside from playing a few late night Monday games (one was after 11pm, so pretty much I was asleep on the ice), we have been playing out on the pond as well. Yesterday Greg, Dustin, and I were challenged to a game by a group consisting of a dad/uncle and a bunch of cousins/brothers between the ages of maybe 8 and 14. I was slightly intimidated, because pond hockey can get kind of out of control sometimes. At any rate, I agreed to play, knowing that I could just leave at any time. We took the youngest brother Paul on our team, and played 4 on 5. We had tons of fun, and eventually, with enough passes to Paul, he got us our last goal, which he was pretty pleased about, considering he was playing against his older brothers. We ended up skating for two hours and today I am quite tired and sore. All in all a good time, and I am SO glad I'm not stuck in Alaska and missing the entire skating season like last year!