Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Old Ladies!

So it has been awhile since I did any blogging, and I'm not quite ready to be in work-mode so I figured blogging would be a good post-lunch exercise. I just got back from CO, where I spent a week at a conference and a long weekend hanging out with Malory and others.

Here are some of the highlights. Maybe I'll add photos too if I am feeling generous.
-I gave my first talk at a conference. It was only two slides, but I think it was a pretty good time. No one asked questions but one of the legitimate scientists (male, white hair, has tons of papers published) commented on how unique and great my data set is.
-I saw a Lazuli Bunting.
-Free gondola rides from the conference center to almost where the condos we lived in were located.
-Listening to the white-nerd version of "For he's a jolly good fellow" when there was a birthday at the conference.
-Double line slacklining! This was SO cool. We found three trees and set up two lines in a V-shape so that we could walk from one to the next, which was tons of fun. There was also juggling on the slackline and much improvement all around.
-The drive from Aspen to Denver was very scenic. Everything is SO green because there has been SO much rain this year.
-On Saturday morning I ran my first 5k with Malory. Originally my goal was to run it in under 30 minutes, but I soon realized that it was way too hot and I either had to slow down or pass out, so I slowed down and changed my goal to continual running with no walking, which I achieved. The 5k was the Undy5000 to raise awareness for colon cancer. There was a giant inflatable colon that you could walk through. Also there were quite a few people running in only underpants.
-Later on Saturday we drove up to Greeley to visit some friends and also to see Big&Rich at the Greeley Stampede. It was the most white trash thing I have seen in awhile but we had tons of fun. And (bonus) the tickets were free since we helped with the clean-up crew.
-Malory was doing some house-sitting in Parker for the week, so we stayed there at night. One night I slept on a trundle bed (which any 4 year old would know how to get excited about) and the cat and dog were chasing each other around all night and the cat shoved a cactus over, right onto my face! Evil cat! I woke up in the morning with a little cactus spike sticking out of my forehead.
-I learned all about how corgis are so great.
-When Malory and I were leaving church these two old ladies were crossing the road slowly in front of us and Malory quietly made a comment about old ladies, and then she said quite loudly "Old Ladies!" I was panicking and laughing all at the same time, because apparently she didn't realize her window was open, but we don't think the old ladies heard. Luckily.

Here is a photo of this old cool building we saw while hiking in the mountains.