Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

I was feeling like doing some baking this weekend, and what I really wanted to make was something like banana bread without the bananas, since I don't even like bananas. I did some googling, and ended up finding this recipe for a delicious sweet bread alternative. When I was shopping for ingredients, I happened to find myself in the applesauce section, which is not normal, but it made me remember how you can replace the oil in recipes with applesauce, so I got some. Then I got home and realized I had some bland yogurt that I was not intending to eat, and I remembered how you can replace the oil in recipes with plain yogurt. So I ended up making two loaves of this bread, one with the applesauce substitution, and one with the yogurt substitution. They both turned out well, which I was happy about. So far the reviews of which bread was better are pretty mixed. The yogurt one was definitely more moist and also kept its moisture longer. By day three it is practically like sticky buns or something, where the applesauce one kind of dried out.

The End.