Sunday, December 14, 2008

looongest roaaad eeever!

Just kidding, longest day ever, that is a fact.

I got up early this morning after a late night of contra (love) and then packing. Let me tell you, packing simultaneously for Wisconsin weather and California weather is not an easy task. I did two suitcase upgrades before all of my stuff fit properly. By that point I had extra space and started reconsidering some of the things I had ruled out, but then I decided I should go to bed.

I slept on the bus to Boston, waited for my plane, slept on my plane, got to Minneapolis, got delayed two hours due to weather, finally got on (and slept on) the next plane, circled around waiting to land in San Francisco, landed, taxi to hotel, hotel.

I flew clear across the country today! That is over 3,000 miles my friend.
I think our plane got struck by lightening, which is a normal and perfectly safe thing since its a metal box and all, but it was still remarkable to see the flash and hear this boom (and hear a woman, faint of heart and mind, cry out in fright) at the same time!
I got on the ground and had a message from my dad saying the plane that crashed in Philadelphia was not him.
A man in the airport told me a taxi would cost $45 and he had a limo for $40 if I could wait a little bit for him to find one other person to share the ride. I denied this offer. I don't really know why. Probably to prove that he is a liar and a taxi only costs $37.
My hotel has a Bose speaker that I can listen to my ipod on.
My hotel also has fancy rosemary mint shampoo, and I just am so excited to take a shower in the morning.
There is a Kinko's directly across the street.


  1. One time I was in one of those little planes flying from Milwaukee to Green Bay and it got struck by lightning. The stewardess bragged, "Now you can tell your friends you were in a plane that was struck by lightning."

  2. Yeah I thought it was definitely worth bragging about.