Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warmest -10 I've Ever Felt

Well I haven't done too much blogging recently. Today is a "warm" day. We are up to -10 F. Yesterday it was 30 degrees colder. The difference is really noticeable.

Two nights ago there was some pretty spectacular space weather.

Also, I haven't put too many photos up so here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

This is the North Pole.

This is the Alaska Pipeline. I was watching this thing on the tv that said it expands 4 feet for every mile of line when the oil starts flowing through it.

These are some Alaska trees in the morning.

Here are two Alaska moose.

These are domes on top of the science center.

The North Pole has an RV park.

This is a CASCADES2 team meeting. We make a lot of plans and then group up and change the plans.

Let me just tell you guys that it has been quite the day here at Poker Flat. This morning was mostly uneventful, which inspired me to compose a new blog post. Well, I didn't get to the point of posting it, since it takes a bit of time to upload these photos. After lunch Steve and I decided we needed to get some sledding in. I went down the sled run twice on the tube and twice on the sled. Our run is pretty bumpy, so the sled is kind of painful. Also, on my second tube run I had slightly grazed a tree, so I kind of have a scratch on my head and the tube is popped. And on my second sled run I had my sled attached to Steve's tube to act as a rudder of sorts, so that he wouldn't be going down the hill backwards. It started working nicely. Then I started gaining speed. The tube allows some control of speed, but the sled really does not. When I was alongside Steve we knew we were in trouble. I think he said, "I thought you were supposed to be driving?!?!" Shortly afterwards I bailed out.

Then I got back to the assembly building and was just in time to look at a few charts while they turned our instruments on briefly. The charts looked funny, but it could be explained, so I guess that is all okay. Then I put some air in the car tires in an attempt to make the "low air" light go out on the dash, but it didn't work. That's okay though, because I felt pretty good about myself to be putting air in my tires even though there are plenty of dudes around here who would have done it for me.

All in all a busy and fun day. I think there is still a lot of work to do though. I'm going to do some knitting though. The way I see it is once it hits 6pm I've already worked (disregard above note about sledding all afternoon) a full day.

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  1. I'm glad you are taking time for sledding and fun things besides your work. Just listening to all of your work makes me tired. Keep safe, Bette