Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blood Letting

Yesterday I donated blood for the first time in a long time, possibly over a year. Brett went through the initial tests and questions with me, and according to him my temperature (although below 98.6F) was acceptable (luckily, because I didn't really feel like doing jumping jacks to warm myself up), my hemoglobin was good (rare for me, since I don't generally eat a ton of meat or other iron-packed foods), and my blood pressure was just fine. Then he took me to a chair where I sat patiently waiting for Blake to stick me, but while I was waiting Angelina came over and said she could take care of me. So I moved to a different section and had a GREAT blood donating experience. Angelina found my vein right away with no "fishing around" which I hate. And I don't have a bruise today or anything. Also, it was my fastest blood letting ever: 7 minutes and 14 seconds. I am fairly sure it was due to the fact that, on my way over to the donation center, I remembered that drinking a lot of water is supposed to make your blood flow faster, so I stopped by the bubbler and had an EXTRA big drink of water.


  1. that's so good of you! I'm always scared that those fools will swish the needle around in my arm causing all kinds of foolish damage. happened to a friend once

  2. I have personally done the "fishing". It's not unpleasant, on my end!