Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garden Log

This post is mostly for my own purposes of remembering how our vegetables did as well as when and how much we harvested throughout the growing season. I hope to keep it updated and also possibly add photos if appropriate.

July 7: 6 green beans
July 14: 5 green beans
July 24: 4 green beans, 1 cucumber

July 27: 6 green beans
August 4: 2 cucumbers, 10 green beans, 11 green beans (barn), 1 pea
August 5: 8 green beans
August 8: 5 green beans
August 11: 8 green beans, 5 peas
August 12: 2 cucumbers, 14 green beans (plants at Greg's have been demolished by deer, should have had Much more)

1 comment:

  1. Nice cuke! I am envious; I want to make pickles this year, but our cucumbers plants are still tiny and fruitless.

    I think we harvested around 25 or 30 beans today. I didn't count, but I should have. Are your bean plants bush beans or pole beans?