Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trying out my Gimpy hand

I've been trying different things with Gimp more and more these days. I knew it was possible to make  a photo edit and then somehow get that same photo edit onto another photo. I figured out a way to easily do this today. Basically I just add a new layer and make the edits I want, and then click and drag the layer to another photo. If I wanted to duplicate edits on a large collection of photos I'm not so sure this would be efficient, but for now it works!

I started with this photo, which shows the snow accumulating on one side of trees on the top of Mt. Moosilauke. The photo was kind of monotonous, so I wanted to tone down some areas and leave the top right corner brightest. Then I added a nice border.

Then I applied the same edits to this photo, which was taken on the way to the top of the mountain.

These photos were just taken with my little camera, which is why they are on the Adventure blog instead of the Photo blog.

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