Friday, April 27, 2012

saving tabs for later

Often, I see an article that looks interesting, but don't have time to read it right away, so I just open it in a new tab and save that tab for later. It usually is not a problem. Sometimes really long articles take a long time to get through, so the tab lasts way longer than it ought to. Last night, I needed a break so I checked out a video I had tab-saved.

It ended up being a lot longer than I even remembered, but it was just so awesome. I love that Brother Guy Consolmagno is a scientist. I also like how he said at the beginning that he is both a "nerd and a fanatic" that he is "crazy about his research" and "a nerd about his religion". Awesome, Brother. Way to show those stereotype-makers.

I actually bought his book God's Mechanics for Greg quite a few years ago (after a priest in Snowmass kept referring to it during a homily while I was there for a science conference). I started to read it, but never finished it. Now I feel inspired to pick it up again and get through it this time. Or at least, that is what I plan to do once I get a few things off my plate.

I really liked when he was asking people how they chose the religion they chose. And one scientist said something like "well I'd obviously never choose something that was obviously false." And apparently there are two main religions that many people feel fall into that category... Super interesting. One of them (oddly enough) that scientists feel is obviously false: Scientology. Who would have guessed!

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