Monday, July 15, 2013



Here is a thing that frequently happens in my home. I'm in the mood for baking a tasty treat, but I am not in the mood to run to the store to buy any ingredients. I'd rather spend thirty minutes scouring the internet looking for a recipe for which I have all of the ingredients.

On the day that I am writing about, I happened to be interested in making a lemon pound cake. I had two lemons, and also lemon juice in a bottle, so I was perfectly set on that front. What I did not have was very much butter or milk, and no yogurt or half and half or anything like that. Then I remembered that you can make a cake with olive oil. The best recipe I could find was this vegan cake recipe. I didn't have maple syrup but I had honey, which I thought could be a reasonable substitute.

Plus, here's a thing, I like the idea of eating a variety of foods. I'm not a vegan, but sometimes I like to eat foods that happen to be vegan. Vegan dessert. That means it is automatically healthy, right?

Anyhow. Getting distracted. I was glad that this recipe worked for the foods that I had in my house.

I tasted the batter and it was strongly olive oil flavored and not delicious. But once it was baked!

This cake was SO good! I ate the entire thing in less than an hour. In my defense I only made half a recipe (which is why it is so thin).

Allowing myself to get distracted again. Looking at this photo makes me realize that this cake was basically as thin as a pancake, which makes me wonder if you can make a cake in a pan on the stove? Like a real cake, in a pan, not a pancake.

And I've had this post written and waiting for that photo to be uploaded for-basically-ever. And today happens to be Mystery Ingredient Monday - Lemons. And I don't blog unless I can link-up. Apparently(:


  1. You can make a cake in a skillet on the stove. Pioneer Woman has an apple cake that I've made like that too. When I saw your thumbnail, I thought it was a Swedish pancake or a crepe. I'm intrigued now. I wonder if I could sub coconut oil for the olive oil? Hmm...

    1. PW's apple cake is SO good- but it gets finished off in the oven, still in the pan.

      Your cake looks delicious.

    2. So interesting! I never knew about skillet cake, but there are some recipes that don't require finishing in the oven!

      Also, the cake was delicious, and I highly recommend that recipe!

  2. I'm totally with you on the "I'd rather scour the internet for 30 minutes for a recipe than go to the store." That recipe looks good and I'll have to try for a few friends who can't eat eggs.