Thursday, November 21, 2013

7QT: Assorted photos from the past two months

1. A really delicious dinner Greg cooked for us. Yes, I like taking pictures of food. Yes, I like figs.

2. The kitchen getting messy during brewing. 

3. Frosty branches out the window. I probably have at least twenty photos out this very same window, either because of these shrubs or because of the sky. Maybe one day I'll post a collection of these.

4. Blurry Christmas beers with red caps. I thought this photo looked better than its non-blurry counterpart.

5. Blurry pale ales with light blue caps.

6. The night sky and a moonlit bike path. We went out one evening waiting to see if we'd see aurora. We saw none, and occupied our time with taking photos of other things.

7. Night sky in the other direction.

The End! (and The Link-Up)

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