Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Ten on Ten

Every now and again I like to participate in this photo blogging thing called Ten on Ten, in which you take a photo an hour for ten hours on the tenth of the month. You can see my previous editions here, here, and here.











1. Rooftop gardening
2. Hot water is ready for coffee
3. Sometimes you miss the good ones… just moments before I grabbed my camera, I saw a man ride by on a bicycle with a double bass on his back. These next three bicycles that passed weren't quite as unique.
4. Sidewalk's edge
5. I got a bit behind my photo-taking schedule after getting lost in this for a few hours. #sotg
6. Test run of the Rhuby Triangle (can't say we spend a lot of time making cocktails, as evidenced by the use of a tablespoon over a shot glass…)
7. We have a lot of neighborhood cats. This one touched my leg.
8. Canapé construction
9. Quite a spread
10. A quick fun fact, which is neither quick nor fun: The best Bloody Mary I've ever tasted was this one, which was made with tequila, which I'm told makes it a Bloody Maria.

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  1. The kettle image and bicycle triptych caught my eye with their contrasts and creativity. Enjoyed viewing your Ten on Ten set.