Sunday, October 5, 2014

How my folk dance life looks

Lately I can't even grasp (or put words to) how good my everyday life is. All of it is just so so good. Even on the days when I am frustrated because I can't understand how I'm doing some step incorrectly. Or even when I understand it is incorrect, but can't figure out how to fix it. Or when I can't sleep because my mind won't let go of wrapping itself around a dance.

Even the negatives start to sound like positives.

I can't imagine many other things that could be as beautiful. To me, this is complete luxury.


A foggy morning at the train station in Tobo. Have I mentioned my school is in a very small town?




My favorite is the two matching dance legs in the foreground.


Not Swedish, but still lovely to watch.


That's more like it(:


And a parting shot of the Tobo train station by night.


  1. Yay! Great pictures. Tell us more! I want a narrative of your daily life. Do you go to Tobo every day? What times? Do you dance all day long? Do you also take singing or instrument classes? Is it a training school to eventually compete in folk dance competitions or jobs?

  2. Aaa thanks Allison! I'm totally going to post a day-in-the-life narration. Just you wait! But to answer your questions, yes Tobo every weekday, for the full day. We do dance all day, most days. Twice a month we have a music and song day. And I think what we do with the training is sort of up to each of us individually.