Saturday, December 20, 2014

Train Tales, volume 1

Some of my favorite time of nearly every day is my time spent on the train. Train commuting suits my person very well. I've had the pleasure of witnessing plenty of interesting/strange/lovely/funny things, and now I'll pass some of that on to you, in the form of Train Tales.

For a large part of my life I refused to eat bananas. I really didn't like anything about them and would occasionally claim to have a banana allergy to avoid being hassled about not wanting to eat them. I don't know what happened in August, but I ate a banana and now I am eating them daily. However! I still don't really like hearing or smelling someone else eat a banana… It is something I need to get over, but until that happens, be assured that when a man sat across the aisle from me on the train and started eating a banana, I was certainly aware of it and anxiously waiting for it to be gone. The train hadn't even departed yet, so any background noise I could hope for was severely lacking. But alas, it is one banana. It will be gone soon. And then there is nothing to worry about.

But would I be writing my first Train Tale about a man who ate one banana? No, no I would not.

This is a very hungry guy who sat near me, and shortly after finishing the first banana he starts in on a second banana. And if you are a person who hasn't eaten breakfast, I suppose two bananas could be justified. Especially if you are taking your breakfast on a train, because bananas come with their own portable packaging. I can understand two bananas, but when he cracked open the third one I started to be amazed. And I started thinking about how I needed to remember this and tell my friends.

Now this is starting to sound mythical, but I am so serious when I say: This guy ate four bananas within a twenty minute time span. Four.

The End!


  1. That is SO funny! Also, wow, I didn't know you started eating bananas again! Yes, again. You did eat them (and like them) when you were little.

  2. This is an incredible tale! What did he do with the peels?

    1. Oh don't worry, there are trash bags on the train!