Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Record!

I think three months of no web-logging is a new record for me. But I'm always bound to return eventually.

Folk dance school ended in May. I might be a bit desensitised to saying goodbye to people. It was sad to leave everyone, but since the end of the year didn't come as a surprise to me, it was not devastating.

Now I am unemployed. It is a comfortable situation though, a situation made by choice. It is surprisingly easy to be quite busy even while not working. I do really appreciate having the time to hang clothes to dry on the line outside. Normally laziness would win and everything would get thrown directly into the dryer. I also took the time to harvest some flowers of the elder bush in our yard to make fläderblomssaft. I think this officially makes me Swedish?

Last week I spent the week with a friend going to plenty of folk dances during Musik vid Siljan. I got to reunite with some dance friends and make some new friends. And I got to spend every evening dancing either until sunrise or until the mosquitos were just too much to handle.

I should also document, for posterity's sake, that it is possible to order a "hawaiian burger" in Sweden, which comes with a slice or two of pineapple on it. Not surprising, coming from the country that puts banana on pizza…

This has been sort of hodgepodge, but I never claimed my return would be spectacular(:

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