Friday, July 1, 2016

Sweden is begging me to stay

Or so I'd like to think(:


Evidence #1:
We moved into this furnished apartment in November. It also had a few plants. I diligently watered the orchid once a week, even though it was just green leaves. Recently it started to grow a new stalk that I assumed would be for flowers to grow on. Then buds started forming. And today the first bud is starting to open.

I had always thought orchids were very difficult plants to maintain, but this one is rewarding me big time. It is also reminding me that there is more to come if only I were to stay in Sweden.

Evidence #2:
I randomly met another mom the other day. Chester and I were sitting in the grass in a park, and he was watching another boy running around throwing a ball with his mom. There was also a little brother in a stroller. Eventually the little boy came running over to us and started throwing the ball to us, and then the mom actually talked to me (this is totally unprecedented in Sweden, where you never talk to strangers).

Totally awesome; however, this is not the time to be making new friends!

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  1. Hm, grocery delivery is a really popular thing these days in Boston, but I'm not sure what the availability is like outside of larger metropolitan areas.

    Awesome job on the orchid and the friend-making! :)