Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Polish tradition

There is a photo in my baby book where I am standing at a table with an assortment of things spread in front of me. It is accompanied by a note written by my grandmother, explaining that it was a Polish tradition to have a baby choose from among a prayer book, rosary, thimble, wine glass, money, and bread on their first birthday. And the choice they make will predict their future. Prayer book means religious, priest. Rosary means religious, nun. Thimble means tailor, seamstress, sewer. Wine glass means wine maker, grape grower. Money means banker, wealthy. Bread means baker, wheat farmer.

My grandmother also noted that in Poland these were all honorable careers. Then she noted that my great uncle had his own version. Wine glass means drunkard; bread means fat & eating; money is to spend, not save; thimble means patching; and the book/beads were holy person, no fun!

On my first birthday, I chose, in this order:
1. Money
2. Prayer book
3. Thimble
4. Rosary
5. Bread
6. Wine glass


On Chester's first birthday, he chose, in this order:
1. Prayer book
2. Wine glass
3. Money
4. Rosary
5. Thimble
6. Bread

And then he ate the piece of bread.


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