Sunday, August 27, 2017

Help in the kitchen

I don't know how much time you spend around babies (toddlers) but they are interested in Action. So when something is going on Chester does not want to miss out. If I am trying to cook something, for example, he wants to be held so he can see what is going on, thereby making it quite difficult for me to continue the action. Conundrum!

If I was a non-thrifty parent I'd buy him a learning tower. Or if I was more handy parent I'd DIY a makeshift learning tower.

But then I decided I'd just let him stand on a chair. And he didn't fall off, so there we go!

So I let Chester help cook dinner and he was very happy to get his hands in the food. His first task was to take tater tots out of a bag and place them on a baking pan. He put each and every one on the pan individually, and when I took the pan to put it in the oven he burst into tears. Apparently the tater tots were a new fun toy and I took them away!

We quickly moved onto Chester's second task of making the salad. I showed him how to rip the big pieces of lettuce into small pieces, and that task kept him occupied until it was time to eat. Win!

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