Sunday, December 6, 2009


Recently I was thinking about how it has been a long time since I felt bored. There is always Something that needs to be done or that I want to be doing. So I almost started this post with the title "Bored" but that is just not at all true. Right now I am suffering from a boring life, but certainly not a life of boredom.

I almost started using twitter to give short updates of my current states of Boring. This is what the sequence for the past day/days would have looked like:

-sensory overload at *** *** (censored to avoid ruining Christmas surprises) but was happy with the results.

-had a really hard time with that last update, as I forgot the word "censor".

-falling asleep reading textbooks, but when I finally get in bed my thoughts will keep me awake for hours.

-every time I re-tune the radio to VPR it manages to un-tune itself. In the evening it is radio, in the morning the alarm goes off and it is a quiet fuzzy noise.

-mmmmmm Isabell's muffin

-going for a run around Hanover, first must load up on caffeine.

-It started snowing while we were running!!

-I should NOT be feeling this tired while under the influence of So Much Caffeine (SMC).

-alone in the office, good thing, because I'm reading text books out loud. Science words are aesthetically pleasing.

-I just managed to spill oily salad dressing all over my desk (don't worry, just the desk, not important things like paper/books/compy). Luckily we've got tons of ethanol in the lab, so cleaning was a breeze.

-soo late, soo tired, soo ready for a pretty, snow-covered drive home.

-back at Wilder... I left this parking space less than 9 hours ago.

-currently reading textbooks out loud to avoid falling asleep.

-Note to self: Stop blogging and start studying for at least one hour, then you can have a coffee-reward.


  1. You got the wilder parking space? That's always kind of exciting...unless it's a weekend.

  2. I've experienced that radio thing too, and I can't understand it. If it were AM radio, then it could be explained by recombination causing the E region to move higher at night and drift back down due to photoionization during the day (pushes glasses up nose with pinkie)..or something like that...

    But VPR is always drilling out into space. So I don't understand. In our case, Porkface simply walks on the radio and changes the channel or the alarm time while we are sleeping.

  3. I totally know the lack of boredom feeling. The closest I get these days is a feeling where I know several things I want to do, but can't really decide which one to spend my little free time on. It is a lot like procrastinating on things that are fun.