Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: year of the cappuccino

I generally am not super into New Year's Resolutions, but in the past few years I have had a "year of belts" and a "year of scarves" in which I tried to start wearing each of the above items. The year of the belts worked, because now I wear belts and I never used to and they are pretty handy for keeping your pants from falling down. I think the year of scarves failed because I never really got any scarves.

But 2012! That is the year of the Cappuccino! Greg and I were gifted a super-fantastic espresso/coffee maker combo machine for Christmas. It is awesome. It gave me instructions for making Cappuccino, which I have done, twice. I think I end up drinking them more quickly than it takes me to make them, but hopefully my skillz will improve with time. I also don't really know if the beverages I am making are classified as lattes or cappuccinos. According to this handy chart, the two are pretty similar.

Also, why have I never ordered a Breve?!

So basically, I am making awesome beverages that have espresso + steamed milk + milk foam. I generally prefer to drink lattes, but I like proclaiming cappuccino (You've Got Mail-style). Plus I bought vanilla syrup. The good brand. Plus I have already started making amazing latte-art. Check it out:

Turn your head to the left slightly and you'll notice the knight helmet I made.


  1. whoa! so what exactly is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino? the small discrepancy in foam volume? and i'm jealous of your machine.

  2. Exactly! Same three ingredients, just a different ratio of foam to steamed milk.

    The machine is totally awesome, and I have GEM and George to thank. He was the one who told me the best gift they got from their wedding registry was an espresso maker.