Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I want to be an old-world woman (who blogs)

Recently I heard the phrase "old-world woman" used on hgtv to describe how a room was being decorated. That phrase sounds so good to me. Even without knowing what that meant really, I knew I would love that style, and I decided I wanted to not just decorate in the style of old-world woman, but I wanted to actually be an old-world woman.

Lucky for you and for me, I don't have to try to describe what this means, because the hgtv website does it for us!

Not only do I strongly prefer the old world style, but I also have a deep love of contra dancing, and I am developing a new love for letterpress, and I think both of these passions help to qualify me as an old-world woman. Unfortunately, blogging about these things does not really add to the old-worldliness.

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  1. Have you seen the book The Prairie Girl's Guide to Life? http://www.amazon.com/Prairie-Girls-Guide-Life-Projects/dp/1561589861