Sunday, April 21, 2013

A few photos from Vienna

I have to say, I really like the travel opportunities that go along with this job of mine. That has always been a good bonus. Vienna was a new city for me, and I really enjoyed it. Some of the views from the train between the airport and the center of town were, well, not so beautiful. So at first I was thinking, why all the hype Vienna? And then as you get closer to town the train goes underground. And then I took a subway to a stop closer to my hotel, and I emerged from the underground to Stephansplatz. To the sight of this huge cathedral. Wow! Well done Vienna! This was probably the best possible introduction to the city of Vienna (and we'll just ignore those first train views).




One day I strolled through town a bit and managed to make my way to the hundertwasserhaus. It was really neat to see, but made me wish I had a lens with a wider angle. Hopefully one day soon:) And while we are talking photo-things, lately I haven't really been in a mood to do any photo editing, so you are getting these straight out of the camera. Partly I've been challenging myself to continually make adjustments while taking photos to make sure I am getting the best possible shot. Partly I'm just lazy.





  1. Do you have any blog posts that relate to your job? I've been curious about what has taken you and your husband to different places, etc. Your life fascinates me - I'm very much a home-body in comparison! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures.

    1. hah Glad to be a source of fascination! So, I work as a space physicist. I haven't written much about my current position, but I wrote a bit about my work when I was a graduate student. My thesis project was a rocket study of the northern lights. This post is probably the most descriptive, but any of the posts labelled aurora are generally related.

      When I travel for work to non-cold places it is for a science conference.

      Thanks for asking, and let me know if you have other questions!