Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dramatic skies

The weather lately has been rather dramatic, but Tuesday in particular was incredibly dramatic. I managed to have good luck with riding my bicycle home from the office under blue skies, just after a huge downpour and also just before a second huge downpour. After the second downpour, just before sunset, the cloudy skies turned completely yellow. It was so bizarre, and also there was major rainbow action.


This is why everyone should have a wide angle lens! Although I am a fan of the hodge podge panorama...

As this round of clouds passed over, blue skies once again were visible.


These colors are completely real, and I think I didn't even do a good job of making my camera keep the yellow-ness, which kind of got turned more white. I am not even creative enough to make up something this good!

Also, if I'm not too late, I'm linking up with Cari's Theme Thursday. Click here to check out more sky photos from others.

And if you still don't believe me, check out these photos that others took and posted to the Flickr Uppsala photo stream (click each photo for proper credits):

Untitled Outside the Window
Uppsala Rainbow Weird evening light

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