Thursday, May 9, 2013

Excitement leading up to this moment!

- 1 -

Enjoy mix

You better believe I am enjoying my celebration of nuts and kernels. How could I not?

- 2 -

On this very day I am en route to the good ole U S of A. This will be my second time back since I moved to Sweden. Before my first trip back I had compiled a list of the foods I would eat while there. The tragic part is that I forgot my list, and I only managed to remember a small portion of the foods.

- 3 -

corned beef hash, maple sausages, good cheese, good yoghurt, butter-lover's popcorn, buffalo chicken wrap from boloco, oatmeal squares, caterpillar roll, salted caramel gelato, buffalo wings from Bentley's (except that they closed down the week before I went there!), gas station eclairs, gas station chinese (different gas station than the one that has the greatest eclairs ever), cran-apple crunch muffin

- 4 -

Another thing that just deserves its own take is s'mores. Sweden does not have graham crackers. They do have marshmallows in the American part of the foreign food aisle. But no graham crackers!

Luckily, my friend who is getting married while I am in the States has a bit of a camping/outdoorsy theme going on, and you better believe there will be s'mores at the wedding. Brilliant!

- 5 -

In keeping with the theme of yesterday's post, in which I got more serious than usual on the topic of creative endeavors, I plan to do as much contra dancing as possible while I am in the states. Greg will only know this if he reads my blog very carefully, but I really hope he is on board. On Saturday I am going to do a bit of calling and even teach one of the more simple Swedish folk dances. The band learned a special tune for it and everything, which makes me really happy!

- 6 -

And I get back to Sweden in time for Rans├Ąter. Boy oh boy am I excited. There are a lot of summer dance festivals (or so I am told) but this is the major one. There is dancing all night long until 7am. And since we are in Sweden and it will be June, the nighttime will never get darker than a nice twilight. Should be something!

- 7 -

The last time I went camping I remember that it rained the whole time, and also Greg and I had this milk that didn't require refrigeration? Oh look I even blogged about it. Complete with photo documentation!

- 7.5 -

I meant to write that I saw a wild hedgehog in my backyard the other night! Proof that Sweden loves me!

- The End - 

And as always, I'm linking up with Jen and friends for Seven Quick Takes Friday!

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  1. Ransater looks AWESOME. And btw, we're planning on having s'mores tonight. Maybe you can buy some bulk graham crackers and pack them back with you? :)