Saturday, May 4, 2013

The quick takes that took two weeks

- 1 -

What's worse? The fact that Taylor Swift is being played extremely loudly outside, or the fact that I knew it was a Taylor Swift song?

- 2 -

Sweden store-brand mouthwash is strong and really quite awful. Now I have a full bottle though, so you better believe I'll use it until it is gone before I buy a new kind (hopefully a bigger store will even have a different kind).

- 3 -

All that is to say that I passed my dental exam! No cavities (after not seeing a dentist for a really really long time). I did get a small scolding to start using mouthwash though.

- 4 -

I wrote those first three 'takes' last Friday, but then I was stuck and just couldn't come up with four others. I always have good intentions with my quick taking, but then my Fridays get busy or stressful and the taking goes to the back burner. So here we are on Saturday already.

- 5 -

This week was Valborg, aka Walpurgis Night. Swedes love this holiday. There is a race of rafts down the river. I went to watch but didn't bring my camera. Luckily there was this photo posted on flickr of my favorite raft: a little basket with buns! So cute!

Pink raft

- 6 -

This morning I made my coffee, but realized I had no milk. I am not the type of person that will drink black coffee. So I just walked myself over to the little store nearby and bought some milk. So convenient! My coffee was still hot when I returned!

- 7 -

I also bought a powerade. Because tonight there is a folk dance, and folk dancing is a seriously athletic endeavor, as we've already established.


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  1. Maybe you can add water to the mouth wash to at least make it weaker? I hope I can take up dancing again someday. I'm a rather busy mom at the moment and finding time to fit in scheduled events is hard. Flexible exercise works - we go to a local track and walk/run with friends. But I love to dance!

    1. A lot of the folk dance communities also hold family dances, which could be a good option for you! I think every state except North Dakota has a regular contra dance, so if you got in touch with the organizers of the dance closest to you, they might be able to help you find a local family dance.