Thursday, February 20, 2014

On using recipes and my invented Spinappom Salad.

I have this idea in my head that baking requires a recipe, but cooking does not. I guess it is easy enough to make passably okay food without using a recipe, but I find that foods I make following a recipe are vastly more delicious. I might not yet have the skill of cooking incredibly delicious foods without a recipe, but I do have a fairly good eye for finding recipes we really enjoy. And that is a good start.

I also sometimes know exactly which food elements I'd like to combine, and then go searching for a recipe. If the internet fails to deliver, then I might do my best to make something up based on a few different recipes I saw. Here is one such example: SpinApPom Salad. I wanted to make a salad with pomegranate, apple, and spinach. A lot of the search results had feta, which normally I really like, but wasn't really wanting that in this salad. I managed to find one recipe that was nearly what I want, but you know what they did? They mixed a third of a cup of sugar into their dressing! Plus honey! Whaaaa? I always thought the idea of an unhealthy salad was laughable, but now I know!

So here is what I did:
pile of spinach
one chopped apple (I used a pink lady, because I like her.)
seeds from about a quarter of a pomegranate

topped with a dressing made from:
2 T balsamic vinegar
2 T olive oil
a bit of honey
a dash of salt

And it was so tasty! This was more than enough dressing for two salads, in case anyone is keeping track.


  1. Yum! I avoid sugar so I like your dressing idea very much. I'm even avoiding honey and maple syrup during my weight loss phase but I like forward to eating them when I'm at goal weight.

    1. Understandable! I'm usually of the "everything in moderation" mindset, but sometimes it is easier to just go without than to try to be moderate!