Monday, February 10, 2014

Thinking about food

For the past few days I have spent a lot of time thinking about food. The foods I typically eat had been getting really monotonous, and that along with many other small factors, led me to start making some changes.

For example, every day for lunch I eat a sandwich. It is completely boring, and I don't do it because I just love boring sandwiches so much. That was my lunch because it was fast and didn't require further thought than: do we have bread? cheese? mustard? maybe some lunch meat? Perfect.

Most of the meals and foods I eat (had been eating) were chosen for ease and simplicity, which I think is the completely wrong way to choose foods. Obviously I'm eating enough food to survive and have energy to do normal things. However, I think there has been a big lack of proper nourishment.

This weekend I made a plan to cook some delicious foods, filled with variety and nutrients. In general, my plan is to eat fewer grains, and to make sure that the grains I do eat are varied. Somehow, despite knowing that the food pyramid I grew up with is no longer the current food pyramid, grains were still the largest percentage of foods I ate. Cheap and filling has a lot of sway with me.

My biggest obstacle is finding the time to cook proper food. Normally I don't feel enough dedication to take the time to plan and prepare extra foods in advance. Hopefully this time I can stay dedicated. I think I can at least last for one week, since I have food to last through Tuesday lunch, and then I'll have time to cook on Tuesday evening.

Here are some of the things I cooked this weekend (all of which were completely delicious):

Vegetable Moussaka

A roasted chicken (loosely like this recipe) plus I boiled the carcass for broth

Two recipes from this Moosewood Restaurant's cookbook:
Apple and Celeriac Slaw
Green Beans with garlic and ginger

Cashew Cookie Lara Bars

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