Friday, November 21, 2008

A friday morning in Chincoteague

Well progress has been slow or negative lately, so I had big plans to start my morning off in some sort of spectacular, not the usual routine, kind of way. What better way to make a morning spectacular than with some sort of specialty coffee beverage. So far I have been unsuccessful in finding such a thing on Chincoteague, but was I going to let that stop me? No way!

Every day I drive past this place labeled 'Cafe' and I have heard they have one of the best breakfasts on the island. So I leave my apartment, wearing a shirt I magically found that I didn't know I even packed (increasing spectacular level of my morning, obviously), and stop at Cafe. I walk in. It is a room with a bunch of tables and an old couple sitting in the corner. Now what? I wanted to quickly depart and act like it never happened. Surely gas station coffee will be better than whatever encounter I'm about to have? Too late. The door rang this annoyingly loud bell, and now a woman was coming out. "Hi I'm actually just looking for a cup of coffee to go. You don't have any flavored or special coffee by chance do you?" The lady smiled at me, but I still saw a hint of the who-does-this-girl-think-she-is look. "We just have regular coffee hun." "Okay whatever you have would be great," I respond while thinking, I should probably stop at the gas station too. So she brings me some coffee, and little creamers, and she is very nice to me. I walk out, not totally defeated, but at least a little disappointed.

I continue my drive to Wallops, without doctoring the coffee first, wondering if it is even worth it. When. All of a sudden. I realize that the bridge is opening or something and I can't even get off the island! This has happened before. It is about a five to ten minute delay. No big deal. And I'd still have time to spare to stop at the gas station! So as I'm waiting (inconveniently located behind a huge dump truck so I can't even see what is going on), I decide to doctor up and drink the coffee. And I sit there. And drink my coffee. And sit there. And we are well beyond the ten minute point. And the guy in the car behind me is on his second cigarette. And we are just sitting. And people are out of their cars walking around! And still just sitting. I finish my coffee. Finally we are free and can leave Chincoteague. Unfortunately there was no longer time to stop for some sort of specialty coffee. Perhaps I will try again tomorrow.

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  1. I was so sure you would say it was the best coffe you ever had! Good luck tomorrow.