Thursday, November 13, 2008

killer pony

Last night a killer chincoteague pony charged me! I was minding my own business, walking to my car in the parking lot, when, out of nowhere, I hear this trotting noise. The noise gets louder, I walk more slowly, and in a moment of complete shock the pony (don't be fooled this thing was huge) comes running down the sidewalk. Running down the sidewalk? YES! So there I am, walking to my car and a pony is running down the sidewalk (I don't think the shock has gone away yet). I think to myself, okay well this is Chincoteague and they are pretty into their wild ponies so lets just not worry about it. And that was when the pony changed his course and turned right into my parking lot. Toward me! Now I can start to panic. So luckily there was some vehicle next to me, and I immediately turn around (I never know which kind of wild beasts you are supposed to turn away from and which you should never turn away from), and walk quite quickly to the opposite side of the car. The whole time this pony is running closer and closer to me, and while I wouldn't normally be afraid of a pony, I was shaking in my boots, because I'm pretty sure I haven't said this yet, but this guy was huge, and wild, and running toward me, which all adds up to a pretty unpredictable wild, killer chincoteague pony. So luckily he did not follow me to the opposite side of my safety car because I probably would have peed my pants. I made a break for it and ran to my car. Moments later two police cars come driving into the parking lot and pretty much corner the pony at the far end, giving me even more reason to be worried about an encounter with this pony, because he was clearly being pushed around by those police officers/cars. At this point I drove away, never to know what came of that pony, but really, I think that is fine by me. Who would have thought I'd have such crazy adventures in Chincoteague!

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  1. Geez sure like excitement don't you! I was worried and laughing histerically at the same time.