Sunday, March 24, 2013

as of late

This post is alternately titled Evergreen Sunday.

Photo on 3-24-13 at 11.28 PM

In an incredible display of cuteness, I got this tiny bit of a branch of an evergreen tree today for 'Palm' Sunday. I mean honestly, why would we import palms when we've got loads of evergreens that we could distribute?

I keep thinking of all these great things I should write in my blog, but then somehow they never make it there. Luckily the Swedish palm was all the encouragement I needed. And now that I am started I'll add a few more things.

Last week I was in NH for a short vacation. I had big plans to see a lot of friends there and do fun things and eat all of the foods I've missed, but mostly that never happened because I ended up getting sick. When I flew back here, I was still feeling very sick, and flying felt very awful. Then last night I slept 16 hours, and today I am feeling a bit better. sixteen. not a typo.

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  1. So so sorry you got sick. That really stinks! (I feel lucky to have seen you! We had a fun day and thanks for making the trip to MHT!)