Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Outfit!

Camp Patton

I'm playing along with this Easter outfit linkup. Linking my Easter outfit. I decided to forego the 2 second pause which lets me hide the little remote and just let the remote be visible in the photos. We all know I'm taking photos of myself with a remote. No need to hide it. Plus this allows for rapid fire photos which gives me so many more options of awkward photos of myself! Plus church is not until 6pm so I had plenty of time to even try on and review photos of multiple outfits. Why does clothing look differently to me if I look at myself in the mirror versus looking at a photo of me? And what if I take a photo of me looking at myself in the mirror?

Onward. These first two are from the outfit-choosing phase.


And it was decided upon, so shoes and a hat were added. Too bad I don't have an easter bonnet.


Pretty much all of my skirts are purchased only if they are delightful to contradance in, aka mighty twirly.

And is the image in the mirror actually better?


I'd argue that yes, yes it is.

:) Happy Easter all!

P.S. My friend Malory painted that orchid and mailed it to me in Sweden! Isn't she amazing?!


  1. You look super-cute, and yes- that orchid is stupendous!

  2. The mirror picture is awesome. And I love your hat!

    1. Oh thanks! If you are interested in the pattern, this is the one I used:

  3. My favorite shot is the twirly one. That skirt has great movement, and the pattern is so sweet.

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  5. i love that skirt! (found your blog through the link-up! :-) )

  6. Twirly skirt!! Love, love, love! Your hat is awesome as well. You look awesome!! Happy, Happy Easter!!

  7. Replies
    1. Oh thanks! The skirt is from Old Navy, but I got it a year or two ago.

  8. I LOVE that skirt! Perfect length and colors.

  9. Oh man, I wish I had an Easter bonnet! Those are the best, right? I love the twirly pics!