Friday, April 25, 2014

More Kiruna - Mostly Churches

We spent only a few days in the north of Sweden. Most of our time was spent working, but we did get to explore a bit. First is a photo of some wind turbines in the distance. I really love taking photos of wind turbines.



This is the dish at the EISCAT facility.


This old church is located in Jukkasjärvi, outside of Kiruna. The Swedish Wiki page says it was built in 1607-1608 and finished in 1785 (not really sure what the gap in time means). Also, apparently they were making some repairs in 1907 and found 87 graves under the floor of the church.



Finally we come to the Kiruna church. I was so impressed by this church. The outside looks pretty great, but once you get inside it is just spectacular. The construction with wooden beams is so beautiful and impressive to see. (Sweden at large agrees, naming it their most well-liked building in 2001.)






The craziest thing about this church is that they are getting ready to take it apart so that it can be moved, along with the rest of the city, two miles to the east and then be reconstructed. Kiruna is a mining town, and apparently the mine is gradually being dug under the current city, making it necessary to completely relocate. I'm just glad I got to visit while I could still visit this church!

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