Monday, April 21, 2014

Right now

Right now I'm typing this out while waiting for the water to heat for coffee. I woke up much earlier than planned due to some sort of loud crashing sound. It woke Greg up too, so I asked him what it was. I thought his response was something about wine, so I said "what?" and he clarified, "different line styles… on plots." Okaaayy.



Here are a few old photos I found on my camera. I feel like I need to erase or edit a lot of what is going on in this post, but instead I'll just forge on.

Last night I pulled out my needle felting to make a small round bird. I was doing just as good as I could have hoped for until I got to the beak. I never got my beak small enough, so I'll have to start over with a smaller bit of wool.

Photo on 4-21-14 at 8.46 AM

The End!

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