Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A lot of words about salad

Here is a theory I have. When I was doing research, my life needed a creative outlet, so I turned to cooking to fulfil that need. Now my days are spent submerged in a creative outlet, and maybe this explains why I have little desire to cook.

Until last night, I hadn't done any dancing in eighteen days, and keeping with my theory, I had really been wanted to do some cooking. Plus, I think I spent the entire holiday not eating vegetables, so that needed to be addressed.

Food in bowls had a lot of appeal to me in my search for the perfect thing to make yesterday. (As an aside, how do you google that for recipes? I just kept getting info about foods to make for the super bowl, which is pretty much the opposite of vegetables I think.) I ended up taking inspiration from this kale salad bowl, this big vegan bowl, this big salad, and this other salad to come up with a bowl full of food that required no separate cooking (one day I'll try the sweet potato thing though). Then I topped the whole thing with the dressing from this kale salad recipe, which was a wildly delicious choice. I'm kind of into reading about salad dressing these days. Tahini is a brilliant emulsifier (or is it only a stabilizer?).

I hope my future self looks back on this post one day and thanks her former self for the documentation of this thing.

Also, to future self, here is my current run-down of kale salads (or non-salads, I guess).
-the recipe I make 98% of the time I have kale on hand
-the backup recipe, which is also really good, but not as good as the above recipe (even using half the sugar that recipe calls for seems abundant, and tastes just fine)

I did also make the one with the tahini dressing from above, and that was pretty tasty, but I think that is largely due to the dressing. And I also used this recipe once when I felt like I was eating too much raw kale, which worked out well for me.

The End!

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