Thursday, January 8, 2015

Train Tales, vol. 2

Some of my favorite time of nearly every day is my time spent on the train. Train commuting suits my person very well. I've had the pleasure of witnessing plenty of interesting/strange/lovely/funny things, and now I'll pass some of that on to you, in the form of Train Tales.

I am sitting in my usual morning seat. Two people come into the same section, seemingly a mother and teenage son. I first took note of them when they were buying tickets from the ticket checker, since most of the people using the early trains have commuter passes. They are sitting in a row of three, the son slouched next to the window and the mother in the middle. The mother gets up to find the bathroom, which is located behind them. Upon her return, she is looking only at the seats on one side of the train. The side where her son is not sitting. So she passes him right by. Passes by me. Continues on into the next car. She is gone for sort of a long time. 

When she comes back, she is once again only looking at the wrong side of the train. Her son and I are the only ones in the car, but she doesn't see him, and continues on toward the bathroom again. She isn't gone for long, but once again passes by her son and on to the next car. I'm starting to wonder if I should  intervene, because this is starting to feel so ridiculous. I guess it is possible that she is intentionally stretching her legs with a bit of walking, and that she has known where her son was sitting the whole time? When she finally returns to our car she looks toward the opposite side of the train for the first time and spots her son. She gives him a shocked, almost playful, scowl. I am fairly convinced that the son was accused of changing seats or hiding as a trick. You sneaky sneaky son, you;)

The End!

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