Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sportlov, day 3

New record today! I saw five dogs on my walk from Greg's office back home! With the exception of the stretch when I was walking on ice covered with a bit of water to make it extra treacherous, I was really on the look-out, so I feel certain I didn't miss any sightings.

Wednesdays sporting, list style:

1. Walking Greg to the office. And walking back home, while counting dogs.

2. Boiling eggs for lunch. Everything feels like sports when it is sportlov!

4. Duolingo. I did twelve lesson practices to try to strengthen my skills. It only raised bars for one category. This is getting ridiculous.

3. Knitting(:
And un-knitting):
And starting over with knitting(:

I finished Greg's tie, but it was about 5cm short of the recommendation. Buying an entire ball of yarn for 5cm seems silly, so I had him try it on. It turns out that the front part is a bit wider than both of us would prefer. The seed stitch of the tie was also quite stretchy, which made it frustratingly difficult to tie. In a moment of clear sensibility I realized that if it wasn't working, it wasn't going to be worn. So the entire thing got pulled out. Sort of sad, but at least it is just a necktie and not a whole sweater.

I did some research (ahem, googling) and found out that in general, knitting is just stretchy. And a seed stitch is probably one of the less stretchy types of stitch you could do. My options were to do a seed stitch using smaller needs, which would certainly require an additional ball of yarn. Or to change the stitch. I'm trying out a linen stitch right now. I really like how it looks, and it seems much tighter than the seed stitch. So we shall see!

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