Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sportlov, days 4 & 5

Still just sporting along. Or not, but enjoying myself nevertheless.


1. Oiling my dance shoes. I feel like that is not the proper expression for the activity in which you put oil on your leather shoes. Maybe I should write "conditioning" my shoes. I don't know, but I did it. My shoes had been looking pretty dry, so it was needed.

2. Not walking Greg to the office, because I walked almost there to meet up for lunch. Luckily it is Thursday so I got pea soup and pancakes.

3. Knitting. I am really liking the tie in linen stitch. Plus it will be reversible, depending on whether Greg wants to be sporting (YES, sportlov pun) a more textured look or a more flat look. Since I finished all of the good podcasts, I've been watching some Swedish television, which I think counts as language study.

4. Plus Duolingo. Which really hates me. Low bars forever.

5. Laundry. All. the. laundry.

Friday was more of the same, but noteworthy are:

1. Knitting. I finished almost the whole thing while watching movies/series of Jane Austen novels.

2. And I finally did some more fitness, since I skipped Wednesday and Thursday.

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