Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sportlov, day 1

It is sportlov this week. That means the sporting holiday. For all those living in Sweden who are called to the mountains for skiing and sport. Sportlov occurs on different weeks in different regions of Sweden so that the ski resorts have a nice, steady flow of sporters.

I'm not at a ski resort this week, but that won't stop me from compiling a list of my sporting activities for each day of this holiday. Here's Monday's lineup:

1. Walking Greg to the office. This consisted of exactly what it sounds like, a half hour of walking and talking with my husband. This was a nice return to our former daily routine. Plus on my way back home I took a slightly longer route and walked through the woods. I saw four dogs.

2. Knitting. I'm working on a knit tie for Greg. Jimmy Fallon is wearing them all the time, and I think they look so good. Hopefully I can make Greg's look similarly good.

3. Light household cleaning. Dishes. Sweeping. You know.

4. Podcast listening. This happens simultaneously with sports #2 and 3. I am super into the Invisibilia podcast right now. And I've been doing some This American Life and Radiolab.

5. Swedish studies with Duolingo.

6. Reading. I am on an Ian McEwan kick. I recently finished Sweet Tooth and then reserved The Children Act from the library. When it was available to pick up, I managed to also borrow two additional books of his. So it is a thing.

7. Fitness. I figured I better list the actual sporting last to give the appropriate impression of my sports list. I've been doing videos from Fitness Blender to strengthen my core. It is useful in life and dancing to have a strong core, but usually I'm so physically tired at the end of a day of dancing that I couldn't possibly think about doing anything else. So during vacation week I am dedicating a little bit of every day to core fitness. Ta Da.

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