Monday, September 10, 2012

A likeness between Hanover and Uppsala

When I was first starting my PhD research, my advisor took a sabbatical in Stockholm. One of the things she had told me about Uppsala was that it was exactly like Hanover. I didn't quite understand how that could be. There is a population difference of about 140,000 people. Also, here they speak Swedish.

But after being here for a little while, the similarities are starting to pop up everywhere. First and foremost, both are college towns. When classes are out of session, the number of people around is greatly reduced. And the majority of people you meet are in some way affiliated with the college/university. S

Both have big hospitals, which are teaching hospitals.

It is against the law to have a true bar. All establishments that serve alcohol must also serve food.

When you walk through town, it is likely you will run into someone you know.

One of the main grocery stores is called the Coop. (Except that in NH it is the Co-op, short for cooperative, and in Uppsala it is the Coop, which rhymes with hoop.)

At the beginning of the term, there are students who dress in strange, brightly-colored clothing. See Exhibit A and Exhibit B. You can't even tell which of these groups of people speak Swedish. (Although let's be honest, the Dartmouth kids really need more hair dye and mohawks.)

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I think there are other similarities that I am forgetting at the moment. At any rate, there are a Lot.

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