Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thank you Sweden for fika

I still know basically zero Swedish. (Sidenote: After many technical difficulties with Rosetta Stone, I finally got it installed on my computer. The combination of Rosetta Stone not running on Linux, plus my mac not having an optical drive, was really more challenging than it ought to have been.)

One Swedish word that I know and love is 'fika'. Google Translate will tell you that means 'coffee' but it is so much more. The wiki article is actually quite good. Sweden loves coffee breaks, often with sweets, and for that I love Sweden. And I think sometimes they say 'fika fik' which might be even better than fika!

That got me to thinking about how we have Sweden to thank for many things, including Skype, Spotify, and the centigrade scale. And that train of thought led me to this article, which shows just how many great things Sweden is responsible for! I haven't read the whole list, so I'm not sure if fika is on there, but it is definitely my favorite Swedish invention.

And this is an interactive post! What is your favorite Swedish invention?!


  1. The Tallest Man on Earth!!!!

  2. I still haven't eaten any meatballs here. Maybe when I go to Ikea...

    And I've never heard of The Tallest Man on Earth. How exciting!

  3. the Tallest Man on Earth is amazing, more amazing than the word smorgasbord even! I want to change my answer.