Thursday, September 6, 2012

Swedish Housekeeping

This is what I got out of the 50 minute housekeeping meeting that was in Swedish:

-someone is to go to Stockholm tomorrow, and that is all he has to say, so he leaves
-something about Maria Lundqvist
-something really solemn that made everyone incredibly quiet
-something about Jan-Erik (who wasn't present)

My thoughts: "did something grave happen to Jan-Erik?!" "If someone died, wouldn't someone translate to English for me?!"

In walks Jan-Erik, looking quite healthy.

"okay nevermind the previous thoughts"

-something about a presentation and Skype
-something about the Turkish president

At this point, my coffee is gone.

-something about solar maximum, carrington, and space weather propaganda (that one I only got because the Swedish is the same as the English, apparently)

A lot of other stuff.
Ingrid tries to end the meeting, but there is actually more to say.
A lot more other stuff.
-something about Eiscat
Meeting ends.

There is always a summary sent out, so it will be interesting to see what I missed.

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