Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gamla Uppsala

On Saturday we took a bike ride to Gamla Uppsala. It was a short ride from home, and the weather was beautiful. There is not much left in the old section of Uppsala. There is a museum (which we didn't go to), a church, and a cafe, but the main draw is the burial mounds. The pictures don't quite capture how impressive these are. I also had assumed that each mound had several people buried in it, but we learned that there was just one person in each burial mound.

 After walking around the burial mounds, we stopped by the cafe for a kaffe and this delicious blueberry tart with vanilla cream. Really delicious.

The church was a cool stone church. I'm not sure why so many of the windows were plastered over.

The only downside of the adventure were the spiders. Somehow, there were just tiny spiders everywhere. You could be walking along, or riding your bike along, and it would feel like you went through a spider web. There were just streams of spider webs and also spiders streaming through the air. It was a pretty breezy and warm day, so maybe this is an anomaly, but really. There were just spiders everywhere. In the photo below you can kind of see some of the spider webs in the tree.

And here is one of the spiders that landed on my bicycle, along with two of his bugs.

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