Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Food in tubes!

Swedes are so practical. Part of this practicality comes in the form of putting foods in tubes (like how toothpaste is in a tube, only not the toothpaste part). For example, tomato paste comes in a tube. So practical! I always hated those tiny tin cans.

Then there are the more interesting foods that come in tubes. Such as this:

And this:
The top photo being ham-cheese/crayfish-cheese and the bottom being caviar, of course. (I guess sometimes when I link photos from around the web they don't always show up in posts for everyone? I don't know how to fix the problem or even properly diagnose it, but I apologize if you can't see the photos I'm referring to (because they are super good)).


I was feeling inspired to buy some cheese in a tube after seeing it being eaten by several people I respect. Also, I feel like I need to have more Swedish experiences. 

One cheese tube was called Chevre-ost, and that sounded pretty good to me. I had been thinking that these cheese tubes would resemble EZ-Cheeze, but in fact, the ingredient list seems to be all real foods. My little store didn't have the chèvre, so I just got the classic mild cheese. And I put it on my knäckebröd, because that is how it is done.


tube cheese

It tasted quite good too, although while I was eating it, I had to really focus on not thinking about how it looked like mayonnaise and looked like I was eating mayo by the spoonful, no less.

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