Wednesday, June 26, 2013

shampoo update

So here's a thing I never expected. This is my most popular post of all time. By a lot. Like an order of magnitude. It gets hits from google all the time. And the thing is, I actually do use shampoo now, but I am a more informed user. This post sort of summarizes why I stopped not using shampoo.

Then I moved to Sweden and everything was so weird and my shampoo had sulfates again. Even using an ACV rinse after washing was not fixing my problems. My scalp hated me so much. I think my scalp actually still hates me, because I am in the recovery phase from that.

I guess it took me about ten months to realize that I am in a place where you can find sulfate-free shampoos as long as you go to a salon. So now I am using the most expensive shampoo I've used in my life. (Which is slightly comical, considering one of the primary reasons for ditching shampoo in the first place was to not spend money on it.)

I worked up the courage to walk into a salon, and I just went straight to the woman and asked her if they had any shampoo for me, and she pointed me to all sorts of options.

I chose this one. It is made with quinoa. How weird. Part of me feels slightly guilty for loving quinoa, and maybe I feel like it is wasteful to use quinoa in shampoo? Because when I first heard about quinoa as the "supergrain of the future" I was so excited, but then I found out that the health of everyone in Peru was majorly declining because it was more profitable to export their quinoa instead of eat it themselves.

Anyhow. So now I'm using this shampoo, and slowly but surely, I think my scalp is starting to appreciate the lack of sulfates I am putting on it. I also bought the matching conditioner, but just the other day, approximately twenty days after I made this purchase, I realized that it is a leave-in conditioner. I've just been washing it down the drain this whole time! I need to learn how to use leave-in conditioner!


  1. So have you tried the facial wash that is olive oil and castor oil, followed by coconut oil moisturizer? Might help in addition to washing your face with ACV. I had to go read the other links too. :)

    1. I think I've heard of people washing their face with baby oil maybe? Washing with oil seems counter-intuitive to me though. Have you tried it? Or know someone who has had good results with this?